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Girl Most Likely

Director:  Shari Springer Berman & Robert Pulcini
Year Released:  2012
Rating:  1.0

A playwright (Kristen Wiig) experiences her Fall From Grace when (a.) her boyfriend dumps her (b.) she loses her job and (c.) she loses her apartment, so after a fake suicide attempt she ends up moving back in with her gambling/pathologically lying mother (Annette Bening) and hermetic brother (Christopher Fitzgerald) in Atlantic City, NJ. There's pure Screenwriting Hackery 101 on display here (complete with a pathetic hermit crab metaphor) to go with the drab humor: it's about a young lady that has to learn how to make Peace With Her Roots (she meets out her long-lost father ... who she originally was told had died) and Realize Her 'Friends' Are Phonies, rejecting the 'high-snobbery' of elitist NYC for a more middle-class 'humanism' (ironically, this movie is phony in its calculated nature), and the sub-plot involving Matt Dillon's time-traveling samurai/spy character comes to a most inane conclusion. Honestly, who turns down a chance to chat with Whit Stillman?

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