Dogtown and Z-Boys

Director: Stacy Peralta
Year Released: 2001
Rating: 3.0

Peralta documents the formation of Dogtown's Zephyr skate team that helped change the way people skateboarded and how the group was influenced by techniques used in surfing (they're all accomplished surfers as well). While a smidge self-aggrandizing (and self-promoting) in nature - Peralta basically patting himself and his buddies on the back - the photography and editing are top-notch and the story is admittedly fascinating, as a bunch of teenagers helped change the rules of the sport in question (though the comment that great skateboarding can be an art form is, ahem, over-stated). Doesn't dig too deep into the tragedy of gifted boarder Jay Adams' life, however, since that would ruin the gnarly vibes, dude.