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Afternoon Delight

Director:  Jill Soloway
Year Released:  2013
Rating:  0.5

Housewife Rachel (Kathryn Hahn, taking a break from being funny), unsatisfied with her marriage to Jeff (Josh Radnor), decides to 'hire' a local stripper/prostitute (Juno Temple) to be her nanny ... and her husband seems oblivious/unaffected by this puzzling maneuver. Fundamentally ludicrous and conceptually odious, it exploits the Temple character as long as it needs her to rock their wealthy existence - once the sex worker's ultimate function is fulfilled (getting Hahn all hot and bothered, talking graphically about her trade, sleeping with a married man) she is promptly discarded from the story line to usher in a falsely happy conclusion. There are a good number of discomforting moments - the period blood on the sheets, adults acting like children, Hahn laughing about/crying about her abortion when drunk, Hahn watching Temple have sex with a john (who sucks on Hahn's fingers) - that only make it more grueling to endure: these are shallow people with shallow "issues," and clearly unable to comprehend real issues in the world (embodied by the 'whore') ... so let's worry about having orgasms!

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