Drinking Buddies

Director: Joe Swanberg
Year Released: 2013
Rating: 2.0

Two couples, Anna Kendrick with Jake Johnson and Ron Livingston with Olivia Wilde, go on a weekend trip to a cabin in Michigan where it becomes clear that they're (ironically) paired off incorrectly (Kendrick should be with Livingston! Wilde should be with Johnson!). This is a typical Swanberg attempt to raise trivial relationship quirks and arguments to a level of significance - the carefree manner in which his movies tend to unfold admittedly gives this a pleasantly natural feel, but the assorted social shenanigans of a few people amount to little more than a hill of beans in this dimwitted world. A little humor - to go along with the improv - would have been nice, though it is refreshing to see people drinking beer before noon.