It's a Disaster

Director: Todd Berger
Year Released: 2012
Rating: 1.5

Tracy (Julia Stiles) takes her new boyfriend Glen (David Cross) to a Sunday brunch with three other couples and in the middle of their meaningless prattling a dirty bomb (!) explodes outside (who detonated it and why is not explained, naturally - reality is not something this movie taps into all that well), trapping all the couples inside where they bicker about infidelity when they should be worried about survival. Neither funny nor particularly dramatic, the troubles of the "adults" don't amount to a whole lot, and the comedic aspects are largely inept (aside from a clever final scene with Cross lacing the wine and revealing his true kookiness). That none of these characters - except for America Ferrera - seems freaked out by their impending death, choosing instead to dwell on the inconsequential, suggests they are inconsequential as well.