Identity Thief

Director: Seth Gordon
Year Released: 2013
Rating: 1.5

Businessman Sandy (Jason Bateman) has his identity stolen by the sociopathic Diana (Melissa McCarthy), whose penchant for running up a massive tab (using Sandy's banking info) forces him to fly to Florida to bring her back to his home state of Colorado and straighten his life out - naturally, she does not go willingly. Essentially a road movie (like We're the Millers) with a few F-words and an unpleasant sex scene with McCarthy and "Big Chuck" (Eric Stonestreet) in a desperate attempt to seem risque, except the plotting is unbelievably asinine, predictable and mushy: of course Bateman and McCarthy are going to become buddies and of course her destructive, egocentric behavior can be chalked up to a horrible childhood (although she's such a pathological liar she could be fibbing about that too). McCarthy's girth is once again used to turn her into this object of derision, only McCarthy is such a good comedic actress she almost transcends this silly-fat-woman bit written for her - to play against Bateman's seething straight man - and lend her criminal character a bit of dignity.