Dead Snow

Director: Tommy Wirkola
Year Released: 2009
Rating: 1.0

From the same country that brought you Hitler-lovin' Knut Hamsun comes the inventive mind of Tommy Wirkola, who has clearly studied the filmography of Sam Raimi and decided those movies were lacking in Nazi zombies dashing through the snow (without a one horse open sleigh). Lacking in both character development and originality, this resorts to horror clich├ęs (have sex? you die faster) and gory 'comedy' - had he tried to simply be scary instead of silly, this might have been less of a chore. Either way, it's junk best experienced with a few quarts of some potent potables in your system and friends sitting around who have also indulged and might appreciate the aesthetic beauty of a medical student with his limbs snapped off. Spoiler alert: everyone dies except, of course, the never-ending undead Nazis. Could this mean a sequel? (The answer is: sigh.)