I Think We're Alone Now

Director: Sean Donnelly
Year Released: 2008
Rating: 1.0

Donnelly pulls together two obsessed fans of marginal 80's pop star Tiffany: the profoundly disturbed Jeff Turner (who hooks himself up with what looks like a bicycle helmet with wires attached to "communicate" with the singer) and "intersex" Kelly McCormick (who, I suspect, was born a male even though he/she claims he/she was born both male and female). Despite Donnelly's attempt to appear impartial, it's more than evident he regards (justifiably so) these two individuals as ridiculous freaks, and the result is more tragic than anything: it's a tale of un-medicated mental illness as the two truly believe Tiffany is their best friend and that they are psychically connected with her. This is the direct opposite of a feel-good story - in fact, it's a pointedly feel-bad movie about people who need a lot of help, not a 'positive' story about two "fans" connecting in anyway. If you can watch this without cringing, you do not possess a conscience.