This Is the End

Director: Evan Goldberg and Seth Rogen
Year Released: 2013
Rating: 1.5

Banal vanity project for Rogen and Company, as he (and co-screenwriter/co-director Goldberg) recruit several of their friends to enact an End of Times scenario (a recurring theme in 2013's cinema) in which Satan's minions destroy all life left on Earth while the "good" are instantly spared by God's Blue Light. Spending more than a handful of seconds contemplating the particulars of how one gains entrance into Heaven and spared being devoured by roving demon hounds is headache-inducing (you have to sacrifice yourself!), and the 'humor' consists of in-jokes among pals, references to better movies, a bunch of gore and ad-libbing that only works when Danny McBride is doing it (he's always at his best when he's channeling Kenny Powers). It never feels like a "movie" in its own right, but rather a bunch of buddies writing a script for themselves to play exaggerated versions of themselves - they're aware of this, too, since they even include a movie-within-a-movie of them making a zero-budget Pineapple Express 2 with a video camera. If Heaven is actually filled with endless Backstreet Boys dance numbers, they need to rename it.