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Girl Model

Director:  David Redmon & Ashley Sabin
Year Released:  2011
Rating:  1.5

Liberal-baiting/righteous indignation-inflaming documentary about the creepy practice of scouting incredibly young (13/14 years old) poor girls in Russia and sending them to Japan for photo shoots in order to cater to the Japanese market's disturbing (and fickle) fascination with innocent girls. It focuses on two individuals, model Nadya Vall and disturbed, exploitative talent scout Ashley Arbaugh - the former the victim of the modeling scheme (she has her photos taken but doesn't seem to get paid, and in fact owes the 'agency' money at the end), the latter a former model who hated modeling but has no qualms subjecting naive young women to the same fate (she claims as a scout she now has 'control'). As a film it's a little too narrow in scope, and anyone who had a healthy hunch the modeling industry was riddled with unethical people will not be surprised in the slightest.

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