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ABC's of Death, The

Director:  Various
Year Released:  2012
Rating:  2.0

Truly eclectic grab bag of collected shorts by 27 filmmakers all over the world, each given a letter of the alphabet and told to make a movie - about, well, some sort of death - using a word that begins with that letter as their imaginative springboard. As with all omnibus films, there's no sense of continuity or flow or even aesthetic consistency, so what remains is a 'sampler,' if you will, of over two dozen individuals of varying talents making a horror short under five minutes: some go semi-serious, some go comical, many half-ass it, a few go tastelessly batshit (Gens, Tjahjanto, Iguchi, Malling and Nishimura) and two (the team of Cattet and Forzani, who made Amer) go full avant-garde in hands down the best short from an artistic point of view ("O is for Orgasm"). The Spasojevic piece, in particular, seems like a neat idea but probably requires feature length treatment (in essence, it's about the death of film-based cinema) - recall this is the guy who made A Serbian Film - and the two main animated features (by Hardcastle, working with clay, and Morgenthaler, in cartoon form) are a nice break from the squibs and guts of most of the other pieces.

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