Nude for Satan

Director: Luigi Batzella
Year Released: 1974
Rating: 0.5

Based on the title alone, I was hoping this would combine two of my great passions: (1.) beautiful Italian women (in this case, the luscious Rita Calderoni) without clothes on and (2.) beautiful Italian women who take their clothes off for the Antichrist - this succeeds at both, actually (with the Devil taking the form of some silly magician), but other than that, there is quite literally nothing else to this. Batzella, the "director," has no idea what to do with his camera (so, so much zooming!), the dubbing is abysmal, the acting is sub-community theatre bad and even the props are atrocious: one "terrifying" spider looks like an upside-down Tupperware container covered in black felt. It concludes with what one can only be described as a half-hearted orgy involving several "nymphs" prancing around in silk: Satan would yawn.