Wall Street Cowboy

Director: Joseph Kane
Year Released: 1939
Rating: 1.0

Gee-whiz bit of American nostalgia has simple, noble, pure Roy Rogers (and Trigger! And two drunken bums!) - representing truth and justice - goin' to fancy-schmancy New York to get in the faces of those fat cats and save his ranch back home. Strictly cornball matinee fare, it tries to pack a few musical numbers, a horse race, a shootout and fistfight in its hour-long running time; Rogers is bland and rigid, so his bumbling hick sidekicks are given the task of providing color and 'comic relief'. The title is misleading, and Rogers and his horse are never given the chance to stroll down Park Avenue; that his ranch contains a valuable ore, however, is sure to make several people - in the West, in the East - even more wealthy. That's also Pure America: old fashioned values, full wallets!