Three Ages

Director: Edward F. Cline and Buster Keaton
Year Released: 1923
Rating: 3.0

Keaton gives his interpretation of Love Throughout Time (specifically, three periods of history: the Stone Age, the Roman Age and the 'Modern Age') and how it generally involves violence and conflict (as his smaller, thinner self battles against brawny Wallace Beery for his dream girl). The sight-gags are fun (as always) and the way Cline and Keaton go back and forth between the eras creates some nice parallels, plus seeing Buster file the claws of a lion in his cell (echoing the Androcles folktale) is downright adorable. Buster using a cat tied to a stick to win the chariot race in Roman times would probably be frowned upon by the SPCA, but if it helps him get the girl, the cat will understand.