Director: David Wain
Year Released: 2012
Rating: 1.5

Two broke New Yorkers (Paul Rudd and Jennifer Aniston) drive down to Hotlanta to try to restart their lives, but instead end up at a proto-commune that believes in free love, nudity and psychedelics. Takes all the obvious digs at the commune's lifestyle it can - and draws a weak comparison between it and Ken Marino's "modern" living (complete with infidelity and an obsession with wealth) - before settling on a too-contrived happy middle-ground at the end: the commune survives, Rudd and Aniston start their own publishing company and everyone wins. As with Role Models, the jokes flail around - with the exception of exquisite comic relief by Michaela Watkins as an unhappy housewife and the ever-dependable Kathryn Hahn as a matronly hippie - and even Rudd 'improvising' in a mirror or in bed with Malin Akerman is more cringe-inducing than anything.