That Uncertain Feeling

Director: Ernst Lubitsch
Year Released: 1941
Rating: 2.5

Slight, somewhat humorous marital romp that pits Melvyn Douglas against wife Merle Oberon - it's been six years since they said their vows and she's dissatisfied with where their relationship's headed (her exact reasons for being so "unhappy" are never clear - the film dismisses all internal discontent as being unconscious and ultimately irrelevant, hence the early scene with a psychoanalyst). Likewise, Oberon's new "fling" with "individualist" Burgess Meredith (timing his jaded lines wonderfully) never really makes sense either, as he's such an unpleasant character and purposely detestable that their "getting together" never gels realistically. Douglas' performance is the best part of the picture, keeping things on a warm, pleasant note (he is the only sympathetic character Lubitsch can generate amidst the Park Ave. "snobs"). The pokes at "modern art" are superfluous.