Director: Clarence G. Badger
Year Released: 1927
Rating: 1.5

Intolerably puffy silent is noted more for its main concept (the notion that someone with "IT" is desirable to all people of the opposite sex) and for Clara Bow's presence and not so much for its storyline. A shopgirl (Bow) does everything in her power to win over the department store owner (Antonio Moreno), with her plans kinked up slightly when he believes - because of a false newspaper ad - that she's had a child out of wedlock (oh, '20's mores). There isn't much complexity to any of these characters, particularly Bow, who exists merely to be attractive and, when she weds the wealthy shop owner, a kept woman (oh, '20's mores). Litmus test for (most) men everywhere: who would you rather take home to the 'rents, Bow or devious, sultry Louise Brooks? Of screen, both had quite the reputation....