Directed by Andrei Tarkovsky

Director: Michal Leszczykowski
Year Released: 1988
Rating: 3.0

Introspective documentary on Tarkovsky, who has had so little written (or said) about him because of the complexity of his work; indeed, had he made "simpler," less "cryptic" movies, he would be spoken of with the austerity afforded, say, Kubrick or Fellini. Leszczykowski, the editor for The Sacrifice, includes behind the scenes footage of the painstaking detail and obsession Tarkovsky demands of every facet of the film - if he is not always pleasant for lack of "result," you can feel for him and understand how hard it is to put on film - exactly - what's 'in your head.' It helps in clarifying The Sacrifice a little, for which it deserves praise, but sadly only deals in full with that picture alone. I was hoping for some of Andrei's takes on his earlier work, and perhaps some less "abstract" statements about the role of the filmmaker, but as one of the only works devoted to him, it's indispensable.