De Sade

Director: Cy Endfield
Year Released: 1969
Rating: 0.0

Simply pitiful, barely watchable "bio" of the notorious decadent (Keir Dullea) told as a hallucinatory theatre piece, guided along by someone even battier than him (John Huston). The script makes little sense (you'd learn more about De Sade by reading his Wikipedia page ... or just reading his books) and Dullea doesn't look like he could seduce a pillow - his character's "inner rage" and torment are suggested by him: (a.) smashing grapes, (b.) pouring wine over ample bosoms and (c.) lightly cracking nice white tushes with a whip. Huston seems more sadistic than his younger protégé, which says something. But don't worry: no 13 year old girls were harmed in the making of this picture.