Transformers: Dark of the Moon

Director: Michael Bay
Year Released: 2011
Rating: 0.5

Installment three of the Giant Robot Saga from auteur Bay, who knows how to stage a gigantic battle (the siege of Chicago, in this case) but seemingly inept in (once again) creating genuine drama or human involvement. There's a vague attempt to be 'current' - with Shia LaBeouf's character struggling to find employment in a tough economy - and some of the side performers add a bit of levity (John Malkovich, Ken Jeong, John Turturro again), but the real "fun" is in the violence and metal things morphing into other morphing things and blowing shit up good. I was told seeing this in IMAX makes it a little tolerable: I suppose if this is 'your thing' you'll want to get a more expansive view of all those robot parts grinding together.