Director: Sacha Guitry
Year Released: 1937
Rating: 1.5

A rich actress (Jacqueline Delubac), who already has a staff of employees (including ever-saucy Arletty), hires a new valet (Guitry himself), but the valet is a self-confessed womanizer and the actress and valet soon start moaning each other's name in their sleep. The hokey setup is complimented by Guitry's showboating: as author of the original play and screenplay and director, he's more focused on allowing himself time to talk and talk and talk (breathlessly), rending the other 'characters' listening pieces for his proclamations. Guitry's idea of humor is mocking a deaf woman and he goes overboard pretending he's an irresistible lover, which is (generally) done best when it's done by Mae West.