Wild Grass

Director: Alain Resnais
Year Released: 2009
Rating: 2.0

A dentist (Sabine Azéma) has her purse stolen by a thug and the wallet from that purse chucked in a parking lot where a married man (André Dussollier) finds it, turns it into the police and becomes obsessed with the dentist ... before you know it, he's slashing her tires and they're flying around in an airplane and a little girl asks a question about cat food. Pointless, mostly annoying exercise by Resnais in genre deconstruction reminds me of some of his more pointless, annoying early exercises (the notorious Muriel, for one); Dussollier and Azéma go through a bizarro 'courtship' that may or may not end in a plane crash, and how Dussollier's much younger wife is supposed to tolerate his feelings for another woman is not addressed. Resnais may be saying that older adults may be just as daffy in love as the younger set ... but it's more likely that he's saying older filmmakers may be just as daffy in their filmmaking choices as younger filmmakers. Fin.