Dillinger Is Dead

Director: Marco Ferreri
Year Released: 1969
Rating: 0.5

... And so is Camus. Blank slate Michel Piccoli leaves work, goes home, finds his wife (Anita Pallenberg) ill in bed, makes himself dinner, eats dinner, cleans a pistol, plays with a film projector, plays with the maid, kills his wife and then goes for a swim. Hello, existentialism! As far as impersonations of Godard go - and believe me, even Godard slipped into caricature here and there - this movie is awful: Ferreri's apparently trying to suggest that the 'banality of life' can lead one to irrational acts ... but that naive point-of-view reduces life to something almost offensively simple and consequence-free. At least John D. went out in dramatic fashion....