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One Hour Photo

Director:  Mark Romanek
Year Released:  2002
Rating:  2.0

Family Values! May we never lose sight of you! Creepy photo technician Robin Williams is obsessed with the lives of a deceptively perfect-looking family - going so far as to make an extra set of their pictures so he can paste them on his wall - only to realize the husband is cheating on his wife and decides to intervene as a Lunatic Marriage Counselor. The resolution is peculiar, and the movie deserves credit for usurping the Stalker Formula - no one dies here, thankfully - though Romanek the technician is more taken with turning Wal-Mart into something out of Kubrick's 2001 (note how perfect the shelves are!) than psychological analysis ("Daddy photographed me and it was weird"). If the guy at Walgreens - who prints out the 8 x 10s of me naked and weeping next to a cardboard cutout of Keira Knightley - ever knew my address by heart or behaved towards me the way Williams treats everyone here, I'd never go back there. And now that I'm thinking of it, I should probably invest in a color printer....

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