David and Lisa

Director: Frank Perry
Year Released: 1962
Rating: 1.0

David (Keir Dullea) is a prim young man who equates being touched with death; Lisa (Janet Margolin) is a schizophrenic/bad poet who has an alternative persona ("Muriel") and cannot function in 'normal' society. Can they make ... a Love Connection? Sure they can: it's Hollywood and mental illness can generally be solved by a lil' tenderness! The psychological aspects are incredibly dubious - not to mention the dream analysis components (clock hands decapitating heads ... how very literal!) - and Dullea and Margolin's outbursts are grating (particularly Lisa's sub-Suessian nonsense babbling). The very notion that these two individuals, with their crippling ailments, can 'cure' each other (even in the smallest capacity) isn't impossible, but as it's presented cinematically it appears strongly improbable.