Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist

Director: Peter Sollett
Year Released: 2008
Rating: 1.5

Noxious paean to N.Y.'s 'safe' music scene - which is very unlike the punches and muggings of CBGB-era N.Y. - where throngs of teeny-bopper hipster trash (from the rich suburbs of Jersey) drop in on the city like cluster bombs dying to see some new pop band called Where's Fluffy - which is apparently the second coming of Television - before jumping on the PATH (or its equivalent) to go back to the loving arms of their wealthy parents. In terms of structure it is part After Hours night movie (apologies to Mr. Scorsese for even bringing this up), part dull teen triangle, with Yugo-driving, friend-of-Dorothy (but not exactly) Michael Sera torn between hottie old flame Alexis Dziena and ghoulish new girl Kat Dennings. It misses its golden opportunity to take its running gag about a piece of gum that gets passed from mouth to mouth (and toilet to mouth) and have all in contact come down with herpes or at the very least a stomach flu, but everyone seems healthy by the time the credits roll (after all, mean-spiritedness is certainly not a hipster attribute).