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August Underground's Mordum

Director:  Jerami Cruise, Killjoy, Mike Schneider, Fred Vogel & Cristie Whiles
Year Released:  2003
Rating:  1.0

Snuff film simulation that has (deservedly) earned the reputation for being one of the most intense pictures ever released: the action takes place using a cheap, hand-held camera being passed from lunatic to lunatic as they film a string of horrific events that include rape, incest, necrophilia, castration, pedophilia (and all taking place in Western Pennsylvania, no less!). With a virtually non-existent plot and the most animalistic dialogue possible (screaming, grunting, expletives), it removes the standard framework surrounding your 'normal' picture, feeding the (willing) viewer a string of transgressive acts and almost taunting him/her to turn it off. But that's just it: it's a provocation, an exercise in audience manipulation (the swaying camera coupled with one of the 'actresses' throwing up on two victims is sure to make some people gag) and ultimately artless (unlike the Vienna Actionists). Vogel and crew are engaging in a troll-ish game of one-upmanship - if you 'get it,' you're 'with them,' if you don't they're snickering at you.

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