Director: György Pálfi
Year Released: 2006
Rating: 2.5

Three generations of strange men - a horny soldier, an eating champion and a taxidermist - seek to leave something of themselves behind in the world: most men achieve this by reproduction, but the taxidermist - looking like an undead Mackenzie Crook - isn't so suave with the ladies and decides to leave behind art (which might be better than having children because you can place art on a podium and it'll stay there and/or destroy it without going to jail). The idea is noble but could have used a little more investigation, as it seems Pálfi is more of a sensationalist than a thinker, inundating the viewer with countless characters vomiting, a penis shooting jizz into the cosmos, a dissected pig in a bathtub, a man in a fat suit being eaten by felines and a man disemboweling himself: it's a carefully planned cult oddity. Still, Pálfi's a young filmmaker and no doubt will, with age, learn to balance the extreme and the tangible.