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Youth Without Youth

Director:  Francis Ford Coppola
Year Released:  2007
Rating:  0.5

If you turn the title into a mathematical equation, wouldn't it be Youth minus Youth = Nothing? How truly fitting for such high-minded, meaningless rubbish: an unsuccessful professor (Tim Roth) - who believes he's wasted his life - gets struck by lightning and not only survives but becomes younger and smarter (and is granted telepathic superpowers!); meanwhile, there's a woman struck by lightning that speaks in tongues but is aging rapidly (the key point of all of this is that umbrellas apparently need warning labels on them). I understand the 'personal' aspect of this - Coppola's 1996 film Jack was also about growing old quickly and the fear of death - but as with Robert Altman's A Prairie Home Companion, working out one's own personal fears can sometimes make for tedious cinema. Leave the moving images to your daughter, Mr. Coppola - she's got a good handle on things.

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