I Was Born, But...

Director: Yasujiro Ozu
Year Released: 1932
Rating: 3.5

Charming silent Ozu movie - "a picture book for grown-ups" - that has two young boys learning several valuable lessons, including how to deal with bullies, how to make your pet canine ill (feed it sparrow eggs) and what to think of your parents' place in the world (just accept them for what they are and have pride in your own family). What I like so much about Ozu's comedies (including his 1959 film Good Morning, which is a 'rethink' of this film) is how skillfully captures the flow of daily living, sweeping you along - plus, he moves the camera around too (!) - as opposed to his dramas, where he gets a little too caught up with his trademark formalism. Naturally, he's good in both registers, though you'll have to forgive me if I prefer the lighter side.