Director: Andrew Stanton
Year Released: 2008
Rating: 4.0

Obsessive-compulsive robot WALL-E, left behind after portly humans trashed the planet and ran off to enjoy a permanent sky cruise, meets up with sleek EVE, a female robot whose mission is to locate plant life. This has to be - to borrow from Sasha Frere-Jones' mini-review - the sweetest kind of misanthropy I've ever seen, a mass-marketed fuck-you to portly, sluggish, environmentally ignorant adult humans (EAT! DRINK!), chastising them for destroying Earth while entertaining their children with a basic story about bonding, courage and caring for one's surroundings. The love story that exists between EVE and WALL-E is very touching - more touching, I'd argue, than a lot of live-action films released this year - and the two are barely capable of making more than a handful of sounds. The spirit of vaudeville is alive and well in the strangest of places - Pixar, we can all safely admit, is on such a creative high you have to figure that working there must be some kind of artistically enlightened paradise.