The Italian Job

Director: F. Gary Gray
Year Released: 2003
Rating: 1.0

Mark Wahlberg and his coterie swipe gold bars from Venice, get betrayed by cohort Edward Norton (is he evil because he has a mustache or does he have a mustache because he's evil?) and then commit themselves to stealing it back. Soderbergh's Ocean's Eleven remake is clearly an influence (the cast is similarly structured - Wahlberg is Clooney, Sutherland is Carl Reiner, Seth Green is Eddie Jewison, Edward Norton is Andy Garcia, Mos Def is Don Cheadle and so on), although this lacks the glitz and suaveness of Danny Ocean's crew - there's also a lack of even passable dialogue, and those with any kind of knowledge of the action genre should spot the conventions with ease. They can't even get the soundtrack right: why hire Scott Weiland to cover Pink Floyd's "Money" when you can have just paid for the Floyd version?