The Naked Prey

Director: Cornel Wilde
Year Released: 1966
Rating: 3.0

Brisk, fun adventure story that has South African ivory hunter Wilde getting chased by several warriors through the brutal terrain - what it lacks in dialogue or story it makes up for with scenic cinematography (lots of add-in footage of animals killing or attacking other animals - like Herzog said, 'nature is cruel') and an exciting pace. The script is too focused on the act of chasing and sheer motion than political commentary - for example, there's footage of one tribe attacking and capturing another tribe and there's the whole subplot of Wilde saving a boy's life (and then the boy saving Wilde), though at the end the boy goes back home and we're never told what happens to him (will he be killed? does anyone care?), though they're of secondary importance. This movie is primarily about running, running, fighting, running and more running, like an action story even a pre-teen can get into, and sometimes that's all movies have to be.