Talk to Me

Director: Kasi Lemmons
Year Released: 2007
Rating: 1.0

"Petey" Greene (Don Cheadle) goes from prison to the radio - he's a truth addict and aww shit he's got a head rush - and becomes a beloved figure in Washington D.C. Follows familiar showbiz-related ups-and-downs (Greene's mouth gets him in trouble at the wrong times, Greene's drinking problems get him in trouble at the wrong times, Greene's fidelity problems ... you get the idea) although Chiwetel Ejiofor is excellent as his mentor/manager/friend whose mannerisms and style of dress are seen as an affront to black culture (whereas Greene 'keeps it real' - i.e. doesn't pander to white culture, embodied here by The Tonight Show). Cheadle's all right as Greene, though more than once while watching I was reminded of Tim Meadows' pathetic "Ladies Man" character on Saturday Night Live - there's certainly a strong correlation between the two.