I Will Walk Like a Crazy Horse

Director: Fernando Arrabal
Year Released: 1973
Rating: 1.5

A skeleton plot is all Arrabal needs to stuff his tacky symbols inside: a man on the run from the police encounters a dwarf (doubling for Arrabal, presumably) in the desert - the dwarf has no concept of civilization, and is something of a mystic. There isn't enough cohesion to be that powerful a work of surreal art - unlike Buñuel, Jodorowsky or even Makavejev, Arrabal isn't sure how to tie together all his crazy little ideas (and unlike those three, is less an intellectual and more a provocateur), so what remains are random jabs at religion and the bourgeoisie as well as touches of the psychosexual (Oedipal Conflict, homosexuality). Oh, and if the French police can't locate a man, a midget and a goat riding in a Jeep in Paris, it's time to retire....