I Am My Own Woman

Director: Rosa von Praunheim
Year Released: 1992
Rating: 3.0

Uplifting depiction of petite and proud German transsexual Charlotte von Mahlsdorf and her survival through Germany's exceptionally dark 20th century. Von Praunheim's approach to this is distinctive: it's part documentary and part recreation, and at times a combination of both (von Mahlsdorf participates in some of the recreations as herself; the actors 'step out of character' to question von Mahlsdorf about what really happened) - instead of coming across as a cheap tactic, the director is sure to blend the scenes together seamlessly. Most importantly is the image created of the subject as a pioneer and defender of not just gay rights but human rights in general, and her strength to be a nonconformist in times that forced so many people to be afraid of being who they really were.