Director: Michael Bay
Year Released: 2007
Rating: 2.0

As a wee Matt I was quite fond of the cartoon Transformers - I shamefully admit that I still possess a pillow case with Optimus Prime on it (and no, I'm not selling it on eBay which, according to this movie, is actually quite popular with the Autobots) - so this big-screen, big-budget adaptation is a blast of nostalgia and pretty much exactly what I expected: gigantic robots smashing into each other with a basic human storyline (Shia LaBeouf's ancestor, an explorer, discovered bad robot Megatron trapped in ice) to guide you through it. After so many explosions and so much destruction, it becomes a numbing experience, saved partially by LaBeouf's awkwardness (especially the scenes with his concerned parents) and the astounding CGI.