Déjà Vu

Director: Tony Scott
Year Released: 2006
Rating: 2.0

After a domestic terrorist (James Caviezel, not very Christ-like) blows up a boat in New Orleans, government agent Denzel Washington teams up with some super scientists to defy logic and reason by going back into time to stop the incident from happening (and save some broad's life in the process). Despite the truly preposterous set-up and flimsy explanations, Washington is still a mesmerizing screen performer, so dedicated to his craft he can, if not sell the most ludicrous of ideas, at least draw your attention away from them with his focus. Comparing the tech nerds at the terminals, spinning knobs to change time and frame does remind one of an editor working on an Avid system, allowing for a meta-interpretation, but the fact that the picture exists mainly as an action/sci-fi hybrid - Primer meets Man on Fire - has its problems.