Deep Throat

Director: Gerard Damiano
Year Released: 1972
Rating: 2.0

Classic hardcore movie that made a huge stir at the time of its release - the documentary Inside Deep Throat went into detail - and was influential in making pornography more "mainstream" (with billions of dollars in sales, the porn racket isn't exactly struggling). The picture itself is brief and poorly constructed - but treats sex the way it should be treated: as something fun and exciting - but the concept itself is so absurd it actually seems a little clever - Linda Lovelace gets told by Dr. Young (Harry Reems) that her clitoris is actually in her throat and the only way to receive 'true' pleasure (instead of those unsatisfying vaginal 'tingles') is by nearly choking to death on engorged cocks (whatever happened to this kind of efficient and practical medical advice?). Dark history aside (especially what happened to Reems and Lovelace), it appears so harmless and carefree nowadays where it's so easy to see nastier stuff on the Internet (swap.avi, anyone?).