Inside Deep Throat

Director: Fenton Bailey and Randy Barbato
Year Released: 2005
Rating: 2.5

'Stimulating' but somewhat shallow attack on prudishness, disguised as a documentary on the infamous X-rated film Deep Throat, which its director admitted wasn't a 'good movie' (and it isn't) but which caused a stir in its time. The interview subjects are a diverse lot - Norman Mailer has a few choice things to say, Erica Jong gets all hot and bothered, John Waters plays it cool (as usual) - and as a defender of smut I appreciate the effort, but some areas come up particularly weak, like spending much time on Linda Lovelace's later years or discussing Harry Reems' extensive career (I had to check the sometimes accurate IMDb) or featuring detractors who aren't obviously Guided by The Lord ... in other words, it needs some more grey area. Still, I have to give Dr. Ruth a virtual high-five when she says that clitoral orgasms are just as fulfilling as vaginal ones. I mean, everyone should know *that* by now.