Duck Season

Director: Fernando Eimbcke
Year Released: 2004
Rating: 3.0

Admirably minimal (think Jarmusch circa Stranger Than Paradise) look at what starts off as an ordinary Sunday with two teens playing XBox (Bush versus Bin Laden!) but gets more quirky with the inclusion of a next door neighbor who wants to bake a cake for her own birthday (her parents forgot) and a pizza delivery man who doesn't like delivering pizzas. Leans a little heavily on its core metaphor, but I suppose that's necessary amidst the delightful drollness (isn't it better to spend a boring day with other people than alone, alone, all all alone?) - I especially like how the picture dodges the sexual tension between the two male teens without turning into Larry Clark (not that there's anything wrong with Larry Clark). It is quiet, amiable and poetic, three qualities the movies are so often lacking.