A nos amours

Director: Maurice Pialat
Year Released: 1983
Rating: 2.0

The promiscuity of a teenage girl (Sandrine Bonnaire, busty, ditzy and defiant) is what causes - and is caused by - family disturbances: her father wants out, her mother is losing her mind and her older brother can't stop hitting her in the face. The actual 'family fights' provoked laughter in yours truly - not the director's desired effect, I imagine - and the best parts are the fatherly conversations between the Dad (Pialat) and his daughter. Bonnaire isn't a likeable heroine - if a 'heroine' at all - and her ending, which is fairly positive, doesn't seem deserved although not a single character in this is redeemable. An accurate portrait of ennui? If you say so ... but keep people like this away from me.