Inconvenient Truth, An

Director: Davis Guggenheim
Year Released: 2006
Rating: 3.5

Former Vice-President (and President ... oh, okay, I'll let that go) Albert Gore, Jr. does his famous Global Warming Speech for the big screen, alerting moviegoers to the fact that our 'modern living' is in fact cooking the Earth. The documentary - which is bolstered by actual scientific evidence (and a lot of it) - is entertaining (so much for Gore being wooden), informative and downright horrifying - it's also a nice piece of self-promotion for him (though not in a bad sense - for someone to spend decades of his life on this issue suggests he actually does care about it). Some may balk that it's just a 'message movie' for guilty liberals, but I do think it's an argument that's well-made and well-edited - it should leave you walking away from it just a tiny bit scared about why everything feels that much 'hotter' (and no, it's not your thyroid acting up).