Demon Seed

Director: Donald Cammell
Year Released: 1977
Rating: 3.0

A Supercomputer named Proteus - designed by Julie Christie's genius husband - decides it needs to create a human version of itself, so what better dame to knock up than Julie Christie, who is imprisoned by the computer in her high-tech home. What starts off as being somewhat corny (the 'face' of this 'brilliant machine' looks like a screensaver) gets progressively stranger as it goes on - Proteus creates this insane-looking geometrical shape creature (!?) that takes over the basement of the house, Christie gets programmed and tortured until she relents and a new form of life is (rapidly) created and coated in metallic armor. The strength of Christie's performance and conviction help sell this far-fetched but pretty smart sci-fi film about the melding of technology and human anatomy into one frightening whole. It's also one of the few films tragic cult figure Cammell ever directed, which is another reason for seeing it.