Director: Tony Scott
Year Released: 2005
Rating: 1.5

Embellished visual orgasm based (extremely loosely) on the life of actor Laurence Harvey's daughter Domino and her life as a bounty hunter. Like Scott's Man on Fire, it eschews all that ugly thinking in favor of visual fireworks, which really is a small-doses thing, even for the Playstation Generation - once it moves well into its second hour, it becomes apparent there's nothing on its mind except mindless violence and style (at least with Ridley Scott you get a modicum of thought tucked in a corner of the screen). Keira Knightley isn't a probable bounty hunter but it's cute watching her try - conversely, I'd be shocked if Mickey Rourke's second job wasn't as a bouncer/enforcer. My heavens is that man having a heck of a 'second career' - and a virtually ignored one at that.