The Nomi Song

Director: Andrew Horn
Year Released: 2004
Rating: 2.0

Quick-and-dirty overview of the career of Klaus Nomi, his brief and bizarre cult popularity and his AIDS-related death. I was vaguely aware of Nomi because I had downloaded some songs by him in the old Napster days when the music industry hadn't picked up on the MP3 phenomenon yet but didn't care much for the songs: 'pop opera' (or whatever genre you could squeeze Nomi in) failed to please my auditory processing centers. The documentary is concise and all, but avoids talking about Nomi's childhood to a great extent and also exists as a kind of anti-auteurist look at his music as his former collaborators all try to take credit for designing the costumes or the stage or writing the music, so that Nomi himself is left as a vaguely defined 'character' (instead of a man) with a spectacular voice.