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Going Places

Director:  Bertrand Blier
Year Released:  1974
Rating:  3.0

Two vagabonds (Patrick Dewaere and Gérard Depardieu) cause destruction everywhere they go and usually end up being chased after by an angry mob in this black comedy/buddy picture that's defiantly unpredictable and often quite funny. I admit to having a bit of trouble dealing with the nonstop misogyny (although that's part of the characters' man-child mentality) and the bit in the second act involving Jeanne Moreau is entirely too depressing in tone (the middle of the movie notably sags), but picks up steam for an uproarious ending involving the defloration of a teenage Isabelle Huppert. You're not ever going to find me complain about a movie where two actual plot points are (1.) Dewaere trying to get an erection and (2.) Miou-Miou trying to have an orgasm. Admirers of Blier's other black comedies (like Get Out Your Handkerchiefs) need to see this immediately.

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