Dallas 362

Director: Scott Caan
Year Released: 2003
Rating: 1.5

Was this first thought up in the 90's? Maybe not, but it sure feels like all those illegitimate Sons of Pulp Fiction, what with the two losers bantering back and forth, endless cursing, pop culture references, hip soundtrack (the Stooges! the Detroit Cobras!), quirky side players (a grating Val Lauren, a loutish Freddy Rodriguez), gangsters, drug use (slumming Selma hits the pipe, sophisticated shrink Goldblum likes to get wet, too), a triangulated shooting (like City on Fire or Reservoir Dogs, depending on your vantage point) and other elements I'm probably forgetting. Instead of being a top-notch Q.T. take-off, it's more along the lines of Things to Do in Denver When You're Dead, where there are some - but not enough - quirky diversions to sporadically light up the screen (Kelly Lynch's concerned mother is excellent). Otherwise, I found little interest in either of the two main hoodlums or their "one last job."