Taxi zum Klo

Director: Frank Ripploh
Year Released: 1981
Rating: 2.5

Candid depiction of a schoolteacher (Ripploh) who cruises for men in his off-hours - it's 'fiction' but done in a rough, almost cinema verite style, effectively blurring the line.  The scenes that balance out his nightlife (bars, bathhouses) and day job (meetings with parents) stand out (in a curious melding of the two, he grades the students' notebooks in a bathroom stall, complete with glory holes!) and it's the ones that work especially hard to shock - like Ripploh showing up for work in a dress and encouraging the students to act out their vicious fantasies as well as the abrasive, in-your-face hardcore sex acts - that scream "Pay attention to me."  Ripploh's a fascinating character, and showing his sexually ravenous "character" develop some STD and have to go to the doctor and get scoped is a nice warning sign to everyone (regardless of orientation) not careful with their philandering.