The Day After Tomorrow

Director: Roland Emmerich
Year Released: 2004
Rating: 1.0

Pseudo-science pushed to the extreme!: Tornados in Los Angeles! Gratuitous shot of the Hollywood sign being decimated (wooooo!)! The UK frozen over! New York flooded! Japan hit by watermelon-sized hail! What caused it? Dennis Quaid explains it, and Ian Holm does too, but it's too ludicrous to actually warrant much thought. Script tries to go the Titanic route, ignoring the countless dead in favor of Quaid walking (!) from basically my house to Manhattan (!?), risking the lives of his friends to 'save' his son (Jake Gyllenhaal); meanwhile, there are profoundly stupid scenes of CGI timber wolves on Russian ships (?), Gyllenhaal submerging himself in freezing water to make a phone call (those blasted cell phones!) and an unhealthy dose of obvious political preaching (Dick Cheney looks like he's losing weight). Also, moving America to Mexico is pleasantly ironic but they do sell Cuban cigars cheap there, which is good for me. Also, there are two cute brunettes in this at different ends of the age spectrum (Sela Ward and Emmy Rossum), which is also good for me.